How to deal with rumors:
(I got this on Wiki How)
  • At the first sign of gossip, stop it casually and politely. Be aggressive only if the person continuously persists.
  • Rumors usually begin with what was a simple truth, and by the time you hear it's most likely a complete lie.
  • Some rumors are completely childish, especially in elementary/middle school. They can be small and easy to deal with (such as likes someone, namely something like Joe likes Susan) that usually die out, or it can be something big (such as disgusting things, namely something like wears/fills diapers in school). Small ones are easier to deal with, as they can be quickly stopped if you stop whoever is spreading the rumors. The example of Joe likes Susan is easily stopped by talking to Joe/Susan, and stopping them. Big rumors are a lot harder to deal with, as your entire grade/class/school might know them.
  • Don't stress about this rumor; if someone was to make fun, just laugh at them and say to yourself. "They're so stupid to believe in this childish behavior."
  • If you are a victim of a rumor and you know the rumor isn't true, the best thing to do is to set the truth out there, meaning you have to get up in class or work to announce the truth so that the rumor ends.put the liar in the spot light. do not let them take control of you. they have no right to tell lies about you.(if your at school, don't be afraid to talk about the situation with the dean, or whoever takes care of things like this, it really does help, and it serves justice!)

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